The state of Victoria has rescinded Australian cricket legend Dean Jones's 2007 Father of the Year award after details of a nine-year affair with an "air hostess" surfaced. What sort of details, you say? Why a lovechild of course.

Jones and his kept woman, Kerri-Anne Hamilton, had a son, Koby, last year. The relationship between Jones and Hamilton apparently went south when Hamilton asked Jones for child-support. The gall.

But the winner in this story is the righteous indignation of Father of the Year Council president Don Parsons. Show 'em what you got, Parsons:

"From now on, 2007 will simply show as blank — that's our attitude," Parsons said.

"To take off and have a love child, and that he hasn't even seen the child ... We are somewhat rocked by it. What sort of fathering is that?" he added.


The literal sort.

Infidelity costs cricketer 'good parent' award [New Zealand Herald]