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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Australian Rules Football Team Wants To Play By Really Different Rules

Illustration for article titled Australian Rules Football Team Wants To Play By iReally/i Different Rules

The Torquay Tigers football club of Australia raised a few eyebrows with this recent ad for the team's upcoming "All White Night"—a social evening of food, fun, and racial purity.


Some genius "volunteer" threw this image together to promote a weekend social function with an all-white theme. The white was supposed to refer to the dress code, but I guess he figured nothing explains the power of non-color like blushing brides in their ivory gowns, majestic snow tigers, and 150 years of bigoted intolerance.

The latest Ku Klux Klan scandal comes after Fremantle this month denied claims by its assistant coach, Steve Malaxos, that players had dressed in Klan gear and raided each others homes as a prank.


Oh yeah, that doesn't help either. What's worse, the Klan members were replaced by an almost certainly unauthorized picture of Disney's Snow White, so now all I can think about is dwarf tossing. Way to be sensitive, guys.

Marketing Fail: KKK Promotes All White Night [Sporting Blog]
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Oh, man—what a rough day, huh? I knew I shouldn't have eaten that Mexican-imported bacon for breakfast this morning. Thank you for your continued support of swine and swine-related products. Should I be worried about this vestigial tail growing out of my back?

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