Australian TV Host Storms Off Set Because Of Rugby League

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Australia's annual State of Origin rugby league series is apparently about a lot more than lots of punching and naked man-baby streakers—it's also a matter of regional pride. Which is why calling out the validity of a fan's allegiance to either Queensland or New South Wales can lead to straight to a massive hissy fit.


Just ask Karl Stefanovic, a co-host on Australia's version of the Today Show. The morning of the final game in the State of Origin series, it was revealed on air that Karl, who roots for Queensland, is actually from the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The phony!

Karl responds to the revelation about his place of birth—which was sent into the show by his own brother—by throwing a wonderfully pathetic tantrum. And the best part is that his co-hosts couldn't give less of a shit about the fact that one of their colleague's has just stormed off the set. They're all just laughing and having the best time at poor Karl's expense. It all ends with another one of the hosts following Karl out into the parking lot and cracking jokes as Karl peels out in a huff.


I think we can all agree that our version of the Today Show could learn a few things from its Australian counterpart.

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