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Super Bowl LI was an incredible game that featured a historic comeback and two of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. But you might not get a sense of how bonkers the Patriots’ unholy comeback was from watching the limp highlight reel that FOX played at the end of the game. If you want the good shit, Austria’s PULS4 network has you covered.

“Sabotage” is an all-time song to get you pumped up and ready to kick ass. Any sports video instantly improves if you swap its sound out for “Sabotage”—as evidenced here. James White’s game-winning touchdown run was deeply unspectacular (unless you really enjoy running backs who keep their legs moving, which is why White scored), but the Austrians greatly improved it. Meanwhile, as ludicrous as Julian Edelman’s gravity-defying catch through the arms, legs, knees, hands, and feet of a trio of Falcons defenders was in real time, it looks even cooler when he makes it while the opening line of the song is screeched at you. Thank you, Austria.



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