Greg Howard
9/20/17 2:26PM

Ranking Mars two spots higher than Venus is just further proof that Petchesky hates women.

12/16/16 3:56PM

We’re buying a house. If the whole thing could go through without any delays or disasters, that would be great. Read more

10/20/16 7:29PM

I’m thinking maybe Berba’s “effortlessness” was due to something else, but he was definitely very talented and great to watch

9/12/16 5:08PM

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road at almost midnight on a Sunday, which was fine, except I walked out of the theater more pumped than I’ve ever been in my life to run through walls and fight and shit, and it was 2 a.m. on a Monday and the streets were abandoned and I had to go home and go to sleep.