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The FreeDarko lads preview every NBA game of the 2014-15 season. [GQ] Read more

Are there any readers out there with moderate video know-how who have access to tape of the Nov. 14, 1977, Monday Night Football game? Cardinals-Cowboys, if that helps. Email us: Read more

Choire Sicha is the only one here talking any sense: "For far too long now, sports stars haven't been able to properly benefit from the labors of their production (of dick pics). Now, thanks to Jeter, they can take the correct ownership of monetizing their intellectual property (dick pics)." [Digiday] Read more

The Jeter slurping gets metaphysical: "Wherever he goes, whether it's second base or somewhere else, everyone is expecting him to be Derek Jeter, and he always delivers." [NYT] Read more

Sounds like at least a couple judges on the Ninth Circuit want to toss Barry Bonds's conviction for what amounted to rambling in the first degree. Below is what we wrote about the dumb Bonds prosecution in 2011.

Via reader Sean: This, from Grantland's Jonah Keri, is an astute and comprehensive piece of baseball analysis about the baffling collapse of the A's since the trade deadline. This, from the San Francisco Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins, is not. [Grantland | SF Chron] Read more

Excellent lede: "Maybe they should call it White People magazine." [NYDN] Read more