Awesome Boyfriend Ties Kids Up In Garage So He Can Enjoy The Game In Peace

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Dilemma: You want to see the big game, but your girlfriend wants you to babysit. You could listen to the game on radio—or you could tie the kids up, leave them in the garage, and hit the bar.

Jonathan Weaver of Las Vegas chose ... poorly. His girlfriend, Amy, had something stupid to do, like "school", but he wanted to watch Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday. (Actually, his original plan was a minor league baseball game, but the ball and chain vetoed that.) Left with two kids (ages 1 and 2) and desperate for sports action, Weaver tied the kids up in their car seats, bound their hands—so they would touch his tools; safety first!—tied rope around their necks, stuffed cloth in their mouth, and left the young boys in the garage. Then he went down to PT's Pub to watch the game—even though he's under 21 and shouldn't have been allowed in.

Police said Weaver didn't think leaving the children was a big deal "because they have had campouts inside" the garage.


Sure. That makes sense. Did I forget to mention that mom—who was not charged with attempted murder like SuperNanny was—is pregnant with Weaver's kid? Happy Father's Day!

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