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Awkward Minnesota Super Bowl "War Room" Is One Big Tiger Woods High Five

So my home state of Minnesota "won" the right to host Super Bowl LII in 2018, presumably because Zygi Wilf convinced local taxpayers to pony up for a new stadium with funds from electronic pull-tab games that haven't generated any actual revenue yet, and such triumphs must be rewarded. Anyway, since there is nothing that the NFL cannot turn into a terrible televised award ceremony, the NFL Network broadcast live footage of the Minnesota "war room" celebrating Roger Goodell's announcement. Up above is that terrifying footage.

Christ. There was probably a PA holding up an APPLAUSE sign off camera. Anyway, I hope that you too enjoyed the thrill of watching these brave corporate soldiers exult in victory from inside an antiseptic hotel conference room. I mean, that's the whole reason I became a sports fan to begin with.


But hey, at least we beat New Orleans. SUCK IT, NEW ORLEANS. You dirty rice-eaters will just have to GUMBO it up some other year. THIS IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MOMENT IN MINNESOTA FOOTBALL HISTORY.

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