Bachelor Contestant Has Laugh About Yadi Molina Cancer Sign

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Every year the World Series sets aside a few minutes to recognize the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Stand Up To Cancer program, inviting players, coaches, umpires, and fans to write the name of someone affected by the disease on a sign and hold it before TV cameras. A few fans tonight decided to make a mockery of the somber moment—including a former contestant on The Bachelor.

Sarah Newlon appeared on Season Eleven of the show (there have been eleven seasons?!) as well as something called Bachelor Pad 3. Her Twitter profile suggests she's a Cardinals fan, and indeed she's at tonight's game wearing a Cardinals jacket. But she's with a Red Sox fan, and sitting amongst a large group of them. When the cameras found her, she was holding up a SU2C sign that read "Molina" while her Red Sox fan friend guffawed. We have no idea what's going on here; perhaps the sign was written by her pal and she's holding it aloft for his enjoyment, or maybe she's just an idiot. Actually, we're pretty sure of that last part.


Or maybe she has inside information and knows Molina is actually a secret cancer survivor. If so, awesome, but we're not holding that out to be much of a possibility. [Fox]