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Back ... Back ... Oh, Forget It

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The best description of last night's Home Run Derby — won by Vladimir Guerrero, shown here with a friend who's a tad too excited about the whole business — was in the comments this morning: "Why does an event that has 8 participants require 9 people to cover it?" This made a certain mad sense to us.


We only watched a bit of the event last night, but mostly, we just surveyed what those who watched all of it said, and it's not pretty. Most of the vitriol seems to be saved for Chris Berman, though we did appreciate Flyers Fieldhouse's take: Eventually, one of those kids in the outfield is gonna get killed.

We didn't watch the celebrity softball game because, christ, we have a little self-respect, you know?

Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children? [Flyers Fieldhouse]