You might remember from a recent Sports Illustrated profile that likable Brewers slugger Prince Fielder doesn't get along with his father much.

This might have something to do with it:

Cecil's financial woes came to light in 2004, during his divorce proceedings with Stacey. Each blamed the other for the family's financial ruin: Stacey pointed to Cecil's gambling; he cited her extravagant spending. Prince took Stacey's side, engaging in shouting matches with Cecil in the courtroom and over the phone. "Prince felt like he needed to protect his mother and become the man of the house, so we had some heated conversations," says Cecil. "Some bad things were said." Prince also accused his father of taking $200,000 of his signing bonus without permission. "My father is dead to me," he told The Detroit News in 2004.


It's a shame, too, because, as this old commercial shows, Pops and Prince used to be the best of pals. Alas.

Cecil Must Not Have Picked Up The Tab [The Fynal Cut]