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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bad Fans Try Distracting Skier By Throwing Snowballs

It is—with good reason—generally very difficult to smuggle anything that could be considered a legitimate or even semi-legitimate threat of violence or distraction into a major sporting event. How do bad fans get around that? They use whatever they might find waiting for them in the stands. Like, at an Alpine Ski World Cup event, they can use the snow. Make some snowballs.

Luckily for Norwegian slalom skier Henrik Kristoffersen, none of these bad fans managed to actually hit him with the snowballs they threw during his final run yesterday.

“That was disrespectful. That was not cool at all,” said Kristoffersen, who came in second place to established rival Marcel Hirscher. Though he was frustrated, he did not blame the snowballs for the loss: “I would not have beaten him even if there were no snowballs.”

[Associated Press]

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