This disgusting act of wanton violence is brought to you by Mehmet De─čirmenci, a Turkish amateur soccer player. As you can see in the video below, moments before De─čirmenci so cruelly smashed this poor guyÔÇÖs head like a teed-up football, he became upset when the ref showed him a red card for the reckless tackle that landed his opponent on the ground in the first place. His response was what you see above:

The damage to the injured party, Kayhan Karaka┼č, was severe. From the Daily Sabah:

After the game, Karaka┼č told the press that he blacked out due to the kick, and he could have died. He pressed charges against De─čirmenci for ÔÇśattempted manslaughterÔÇÖ.

However, scandals of the match did not end with De─čirmenciÔÇÖs kick as Karaka┼č was allowed to return to the match after a brief tampon and ice treatment. Due to dizziness and nausea, Karaka┼č fell to the ground. He was transferred to hospital but first had to wait for an ambulance which was not present during the match despite numerous applications to local sports authorities in previous matches.


Following the match, De─čirmenciÔÇÖs club Sanayispor released a statement apologizing to the other team and Karaka┼č, and announced that De─čirmenci had been kicked off the team.

De─čirmenci has also clarified his position. After the little shoulder-to-shoulder check you see before De─čirmenciÔÇÖs first kick, De─čirmenci claims Karaka┼č insulted his mother. Getting the card and remembering the insult combined to make him snap. According to H├╝rriyet, the player expressed regret, if not exactly completely:

I had no personal problem with Kayhan. It was a heat of the moment thing. I tried to apologize to him after the incident but he refused. I apologize to him. I regret it, but I reproach him for cursing about an educator and mother. I apologize to Kayhan myself and also to the entire football community.

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