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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Giancarlo Favarin manages Italian third-tier club Lucchese. During a match against Alessandria on Sunday, he found himself in a spat with an assistant coach on the opposing side. In an effort to settle the dispute, Favarin rammed his massive, shiny forehead straight through the assistant’s nose:

The soccer authorities in Italy opened an investigation into the matter. A sports judge handed Favarin a five-month suspension for the cranial attack, as well as for, as the investigation uncovered, using “blasphemous remarks” on the pitch and instructing a Lucchese player to “break the legs of an opponent,” according to the Guardian.


For his contribution to the dust-up, the Alessandria assistant was also punished, earning a two-match suspension for “offensive and provocative behaviour towards the coach of the rival team during the match.” Justice, Italian style.


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