Bad Touchdown Call Ignites Brawl Between Jaguars And Bills That Spilled Into Locker Room Tunnel

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When a team has nothing to play for at this point in the NFL season, it’s surely difficult to find an outlet to direct one’s emotions toward during games. While some players might choose to channel that energy into late-season stat-padding, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills decided to engage in some in-game fisticuffs.

The skirmish began rather childishly with Jaguars receiver Donte Moncrief and Bills corner Levi Wallace fighting for possession of the ball in the end zone. The sideline official had already ruled (incorrectly) that Moncrief had scored a touchdown, but the two kept at it. This resulted in players from both teams coming over to try and help their respective teammates, which then led to some pushing and shoving on both sides. While the refs were trying to keep everything under control, Buffalo’s Shaq Lawson and Jacksonville’s Carlos Hyde gave each other some parting shots. Leonard Fournette took exception to a particularly hard shove Lawson dealt to Hyde and began to throw some serious hands.

After officials reviewed the play and overturned the touchdown, they announced that Lawson and Fournette would both be ejected from the game for their extracurriculars. The beef between the two didn’t stop with the ejection, however. Both players spent a good portion of their walk back to the locker room jawing at each other and had to be separated again in the tunnel.

If you’re a true believer of the philosophy “ball don’t lie,” then you’ll likely find Jacksonville to be the main culprit behind this whole mess. The Jaguars started their post-fight drive with a first-and-goal at the one, but penalties, coupled with great defense from the Bills, derailed their field positioning and ended up having to settle for a field goal at the 24-yard line. Josh Lambo would miss the kick.