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Ball The Pretty Horses: High Schoolers Show School Spirit With Equine Double-Team T-Shirts (UPDATE)

It seems a few hairy-palmed scamps at Houston's Memorial High School recently sold the t-shirt you see here to commemorate their Mustangs' football game against archrival Stratford. Think this is the only bit of Memorial-related horsefucking? Nay!

Consider this sign, via a Facebook group:


Jezebel's already circling the wagons. Readers over there have posted e-mail addresses for the Memorial football coach, the principal and the superintendent of Spring Branch Independent School District. (Choice comment: "The best (worst) part is the two horses high-fiving each other. Two dudes who high-five each other mid-threesome might as well be fucking each other in the ass.") A spokesman for the school district tells the Houston Press he's looking into the matter. And meanwhile, Memorial wound up beating Stratford, a game that in retrospect, the Houston Chronicle would've been wise to describe as a "rally," not a "come-from-behind victory."

UPDATE: A reader explains:

I graduated from memorial in '03. These shirts are basically a yearly tradition. So you could probably go back 20 years and find a shirt made each year by Memorial AND by stratford. They are all pretty funny, so if you can find them all it would be high comedy.


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