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Ballghazi Just Like Creationism, According To Idiot NFL Network Analyst

I don't know why Heath Evans is employed by NFL Network, but if it's for hot takes like "the Patriots allegedly deflating footballs is just like the debate between creationism and science" then... he shouldn't be. This was Evans's reaction to seeing today's Bill Belichick presser:

Sometimes the science and even Bill's verbage [sic] was hard for me to follow. I'm listening to him and I'm thinking about the creation theory versus evolution. You've got a scientist that used the same science to prove creation as the other. You can have a same scientist who studied at the same school would say no, he's wrong and another one would say he's right.

...what? (That's the closed captioning transcript. If you follow along, you can see that the captioner tried to make sense of what Evans was saying, and then finally sort of gave up.)

[NFL Network]

h/t to Chris

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