Baltimore Marathon Is Very Specific About Which Cheers You Should Yell

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If you plan on going to the Baltimore Running Festival on Oct. 18 and cheer for the runners, slow down, hotshot. There are a few things you should learn so you know how to clap and chant properly. Take a peek at the website:


Here are some words of encouragement to offer runners as they pass your Cheering Section onsite or at home:

1. "Way to Run"

2. "Awesome"

3. "Looking Strong"

4. "Looking Good"

5. "Enjoy Baltimore"

"Thanks! I will after the feeling of death goes away!"

6. "You Can Do It"

7. "You're Flying"

8. "Keep it Up"

NOTE: Unless you are at the Stadium near the finish line, please DO NOT cheer "Almost there", "Not far to go" etc. After running 26 miles, "almost there" is a few hundred feet from the finish line.

That's right; read that note again. DO NOT make runners think they're almost done when they're actually at mile 13. Is there history behind this? Was there an incident when marathon trolls yelled "ALMOST THERE" after the second mile? Honestly, "Almost there" is less distracting than "You're flying!"

Photo of Chicago Marathon: AP

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