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I don't want to say that the Cardinals have a lot of bandwagon fans, but they've been known to change allegiances in the middle of games.


Oh, the shame. The actual caption from this photo which appeared in the Arizona Republic:

Cardinals fan Clint Elliott of Gilbert helps son Blake, 12, switch to a Vikings jersey during the fourth quarter Dec. 14 in Glendale. Clint said they made the switch so Vikings players would throw stuff to his son. — David Kadlubowski


This is a stunt you'd expect from one of the kids in Malcolm in the Middle, not from a diehard NFL fan (not to mention that the kid is a dead ringer for Dewey). The Arizona fan base is starting to remind me a lot of Tampa Bay's during the World Series; relatively inexperienced fans who aren't sure how to deal with success. They've even got the Mohawk theme going, same as the Rays did.

Yes, Leitch has paid his dues, and allows no jersey-swapping in his section. But he's only one man.

So do we forgive the other Arizona rooters for their bandwagon proclivities? After all, they're new to all of this; the team has only been good for about three weeks. Can you imagine a Steelers parent doing this jersey switch with their kid at a home game? The child would be an orphan within minutes.

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