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Bar Attendee Says Jamal Anderson Is Not On The Down Low

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There have been many responses to the "Deleted Scenes" anonymous tip about Jamal Anderson last Friday. Here's another version of what happened from a person at the Peachtree Tavern the night of Anderson's arrest.


I don't know much else, but I was at The Tavern the night when Jamal got busted....I can tell you one thing, he was in the corner with two girls smooching it best friend Nick was actually in the bathroom when the cop busted in, and we both just read this story and we call bullshit dude....they fucking tried to embarrass the shit out of him that night, but they would leave out of the police report that he was blowing a dude? Yea fuckin right dude.....I just dont believe that shit they would leave that out. And according to Nick, he didnt even hear them "Allegedly" snorting. The guy fucked up for sure, but people are trying to make shit look stupid...


So there's that: He wasn't blowing dudes, but "smooching it up" with ladies, and possibly not even snorting. Anderson's probably going to have a tough time doing anything football analyst-y on-air again after this incident. And in addition to dealing with the stigma from his arrest, he's going to have to find some sort of life coach or new hobby that doesn't involve an excessive amount of alcohol and drug consumption with minors. So we wish him the best with that and are hopeful no more videos of Jamal in this condition ever surface again.

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