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Barack Obama Is An Irresponsible Anti-American Frat Boy, According To Pro-American Internet Commenters

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President Obama filled out a March Madness bracket earlier in the week. Soon after, Newt Gingrich told Sean Hannity that Obama had "this fixation with the Final Four" and Fox Nation posted a story with the headline "Japan Melts, Libya Burns, Deficit Grows ... and Obama Fills Out NCAA Bracket." All this has of course inspired a new edition of the Fox Nation commenter collaborative essay. The following critique is constructed entirely out of various comments appended to the Fox Nation post. Everything sic'd:


Obama really enjoys being interviewed on Entertaining Sports for Progressives Network doesn' t he. playing basket ball while the world in in crises. What a incredable looser this portch monkey is. The President does have a few things he can do. Spend money, play golf and basketball, and campaign! our current president has played golf more in two years then Pres Bush played in eight!!! Dont take my word for it- Google it. WELL, at least we know what the POS's "priorities are" !!!

Swish! But he dose have good basketball jump shot! At least he has that. That is probably the only thing he knows how to do. Let's face it, the more B-ball he plays the less damage he can do. Just go on vacation, and leave us all alone. Better yet, he can go kiss the great and wonderful a ss of Muammar Qaddafi and Hugo Chavez.... 

A President has no right to his personal time. Americans are ignored and world events go unanswered as he has golfing, placing bets on basketball, and picking up his wife and kids after all their extravagant vacations on his agenda. What a total joke. Disgusting. Fiddling while the world burns. the sky is falling. I am telling you this President is neurotic !! It's a constant barrage of basketball games, golf outings, cocktail parties, over nights in New York City and the list is endless. His motto seems to be "let's eat, drink and be merry." He does NOT have a clue what is going on the world around him. NOT A CLUE!!!! He's a grand wizard of the No Klue Klux Klan. we are a nation of foolish people led by other foolish, stupid people ... those "foolish" ones are the ones who voted for him ... foolish & stupid.

Obama, thou art a dog. Obama is third cousin to Nero. obama is a loser and a corrupt liberal progressive closet queen. I refer to him as Jim Jones II. Fact is Odumbo is not even close to being smart as a box of rocks. stupid is what stupid is. He doesn't know ,and he doesn't know that he doesn't know. He is still the mentality of a college student. Are you surprised by this.

He is President "Basketballforbrains". Correction.....Obasketballforbrains. you'd think that somebody that shoots a basketball fairly well could throw a baseball . . . but no, he has to throw like a girl and embarrass the country. . . 
ever see a clip of him playing that's longer than a few seconds? Nope. Wanna know why? Cuz he sucks, that's why. This guy is giving sports a bad name,,,, look at that limp wrist he has! ...................even sadder is when the libs try to say there is nothing wrong with what he's doing or isn't doing! all Barry does is TRASH Talk America. you can take the home boy out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the home boy.

Obama and the democrats (commies)= ANTI-AMERICAN. What do you expect! Liberals are Monday Morning Quarterbacks. Libs are asbad as a gayparade. If I had a desire to run I would. I do not wish to serve that way. I have already served my country. That's what we get for electing a Community Organizer instead of a proven leader with courage, morals and decency. I have never been so scared for this country. now we need to get atheist moral reletivism out of the society and our country may develop honor again.



Coach K is the best coach in college hoops today. But, I am still hoping my Buckeyes can win the whole thing this year.

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