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Barbaro Being Sliced Open Again

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Darling Barbaro has gone back under the knife, The majestic steed developed an abscess in his right hand foot, and the surgery to treat it is described as very risky, but also as the only option.


"The major risk of the external skeletal fixation device is that the bone bearing the weight can fracture," said horsey doctor Dean Richardson. But that's if the risk doesn't pay off ... if it does, though, then Barbaro can live a while longer and continue to cost thousands per day in medical treatment, as well as provide an outlet for heartfelt poetry from neglected housewives.

Dearest Boy - as they say in Central America, "Poco a poco se anda lejos" - Little by little you walk a long way - Goddess speed! Love, Auntie Roo
Ruth, 48; Durham, NC

Keep your courage up, Barbaro. What you are going through will save the lives of many of your kind in the future. You are teaching us humans technique and patience. Godspeed.
Buck, 50; Torrance, CA

blessed be barbaro, handsome braveheart! strength and courage will guide you health. for great success. we can all learn much from you, crown prince! may you gallop soon, and gallop often! i love you
colby reade, 32; beaverton, OR, usa



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