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Barbaro Forever

Good news for Barbaro fans. If the worst should happen, there's still hope that "Bobby" will not be gone for good. In Austin Texas, scientists successfully cloned a barrel-racing horse named Scamper.

"Scamper was one of the greatest horses ever, and I know that now more than ever," barrel racer Charmayne James said. "I wanted to get in and save his genetics, because if they were ever able to clone a horse, Scamper would be the horse to clone."


We don't know about that, Charmayne. Does Scamper have his own message board, where he gets e-mail from miniature horses?

• From the Miniature Horses of Twistwood Ranch, Prowler, Outlaw, Blossom, Sunday, Sundance, Glory, Kissy, Celebrity, Cilly, Roxy, Russian, Jewell, Velvet, Toy and Sundance - we wish you well. Get well soon Barbaro! — Evelyn Lewis, 43; Philadelphia, MS, USA posted on 2006-11-16 09:57:29

Speaking of Barbaro, reports are in that he's able to put his full weight on his surgically repaired hind leg, and also that he has a bigger stall. This of course is sending shock waves through his message board community:

• Morning Barbaro We hear you have a bigger stall. Wonder how long it took your "people" to detach and move all your cards, letters, posters and signs to your new location! Whew! Did you remember to fill out your change of address form? luv you! — terri, Stan, Scooter and Mollie.; orlando, FL, united States posted on 2006-11-16 09:24:20


• And HOPEFULLY TB trainers AND breeders will get a clue that small bone/young horses/impossible speeds are a formula for disaster. Hopefully BArbaro will be the spokeman to reform the industry!!! — Laura Curtis, 50; Lake Harmony, NJ, USA posted on 2006-11-15 20:52:45

• You Go Big Guy! Nice to hear that you can stand on your right leg again. Too bad that the grazing season is probably coming to an end, but I'll bet you'll be home by Spring. I'm going to nominate you for Time's "Man of the Year." — Anne Rein, 51; Decatur, GA, United States posted on 2006-11-15 18:12:24


And don't forget to order your Barbaro signed print, while supplies last.

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