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This is the the third day after Barbaro's death, which if we're remembering our scripture correctly is the day that He is supposed to return from the dead, emerge from his tomb and speak to the apostles (although it may be difficult moving that heavy round rock with his hooves). We eagerly await any reports from eyewitnesses. In the meantime, rest assured that Barbaro's teachings will live on in the form of his brother. Yes, as Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back, "There is another."

Just 75 miles from where Barbaro first captured the nation's attention with a remarkable run in the Kentucky Derby, a young colt, a baby in many ways, spends much of his day frolicking in a large paddock at Mill Ridge Farm. He is just one among thousands of yearlings living on thoroughbred farms throughout Kentucky, and all of them are still months away from their first chance at showing what they might amount to on a racetrack. Still, there will always be something special about this brown colt. As yet unnamed, he is a son of the sire Dynaformer and the dam La Ville Rouge. That makes him Barbaro's full brother, the only full brother that he had.


(Somewhere in Indiana, Dee Mirich raises her head suddenly like a deer alerting on a strange noise).

Meanwhile, La Ville Rouge and Dynaformer have produced another full brother to Barbaro who is set to be born in mid-April. After delivering that foal, La Ville Rouge, who is 11, will again be bred to Dynaformer, who is 22 and does not have too many years left as a stallion.

It can't be avoided; Barbaromania, Round II, shall commence sometime in the spring of 2008, when his brother is ready to begin racing, and every two years thereafter for a decade or so. They're being produced like Baldwin brothers, so those weary of this saga are just plain out of luck. Christianity has lasted for more than 2,000 years despite concerted efforts to kill it, and Barbaro's story will live at least as long. Get used to it.

So to pass the time until spring '08, let's give Barbaro's brother a name. What we've got so far are "Eli Manning," and "Steve." We're sure you can do better.


And while you're thinking, please enjoy this.

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