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Baron Davis Chucks Basketballs At Oblivious New Yorkers In New PSA

The NYC Department of Transportation released the first of a series of public service announcements, warning pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to fucking pay attention, there are eight million other people in this goddamn city and life is hard enough without some selfish asshole just bowling through life like they're Mr. I'm The Only Person Who Matters And This 200-Word BBM Just Can't Wait and while we're at it, can you dickheads please maybe stop walking down the sidewalk three abreast, I've got somewhere to be and when I bust through you you give me a dirty look like I'm the one in the wrong. Jesus Christ. Get 'em, Baron.


Far be it from me to tell the DOT how to do their jobs, but Davis might be too nice to get the message across. This ad really could have used J.R. Smith, just clotheslining bikers and ripping off a car's bumper with his teeth and then maybe flinging ziploc bags of his urine off a roof. Heads up, New York!


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