Out here in the West, the third and final part of the Bob Costas-Jacques Rogge tĂȘte-Ă -tĂȘte has just wrapped up on NBC. In this section (loosely labeled "Etcetera"), Costas asked Rogge what killed softball and baseball for the 2012 Games. Rogge eventually mentioned the domination of both sports by a few countries (*cough cough* America *cough*), which Maggie Hendricks of Fourth Place Medal tore down yesterday. Before he did, though, he was sure to pick a proper villain. According to the head of the IOC, Barry Bonds killed softball. Rogge claimed certain IOC delegates took Bud Selig's crusade against performance enhancing drugs as a blight upon the sport and that softball got caught in a bad PR halo effect. He was careful to name Barry Bonds specifically. It was unfortunate, of course, but that might be what happened, in Rogge's words. You know, that Barry Bonds killed Olympic softball as well as baseball. And love. Barry Bonds killed love. By the way, they're building a velodrome in Great Britain for 2012. Jus' sayin'. (P.S. The video doesn't seem to be up on the NBC Olympics Web site or elsewhere. Let us know if you spot their arrival to the Nets.)