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Barry Bonds Keeping In Game Shape With Diet, Contempt For Public

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Surprisingly, Dodgers fans were able to get between Bonds and his chicken and waffles, and still escape with their lives. One autograph hound, though, managed to touch a sore spot.

The Dodgers just wrapped up their three-day Dodgers Caravan, a community-building exercise where "players" shuttle all over town meeting fans and building goodwill. I use scare quotes because it appears to have been Matt Kemp, some scrubs, and Fernando Valenzuela.

They hit Roscoe's House Of Chicken & Waffles, a classic soul food joint and celebrity hangout. So, a place packed with the Dodgers and hundreds of fans rabid enough to blow off a work day, and who should show up randomly? Barry Bonds. Of course.

Looks like Mr. Bonds wanted to eat some Chicken and Waffles. He didn't know there was many Dodger fans inside the building. Fans came out and asked for his autograph. Believe it or not, he did sign. He was in a good mood (I'm not kidding) until a fan gave him a ball and told him "In the sweet spot"

Wow. I guess he's a rookie. I shook my head. Another fan by my side looked at him and whispered "Are you nuts?" I knew what was going to happen next.

Bonds snapped. He said, "You don't say that to me."

Bonds then said, "I'm leaving, I got to go."

In case you're not part of that subculture, getting a signature on the sweet spot of the ball increases its resale value. So that wasn't a fan, just a businessman. Gotta give Bonds credit for hanging out and posing for pictures, and can't blame him for leaving as abruptly as he did.


Dude never did get his chicken and/or waffles, though.

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