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As "Game Of Shadows" hits newstands โ€” and we even got one delivered to our apartment from the publishers, one we didn't even ask for โ€” it appears Barry Bonds is now "fighting back," if you want to call it that. Bonds' lawyer said today that he will sue the authors of the book. How much does he want? Get this: He wants the authors' profits.

Interestingly, Bonds is not suing because the book is false. He's suing because the grand jury transcripts the book is based on were "illegally obtained and possessed under federal law."

We find it incredibly amusing that Bonds is suing for the authors' profits. Unless they have a Dan Brown-sized bestseller on their hands โ€” and of course they don't โ€” Bonds, if he wins (ha) his lawsuit, is gonna make more in about the first inning of his first game. Anybody who thinks you get rich writing books clearly has never written one.

Bonds Sues "Game Of Shadows" Authors [San Francisco Chronicle]

(UPDATE: Oh, Pedro Gomez just broke in with the news: "Bonds had no comment today." Thanks as always, Pedro!)