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Barry Bonds: World Cup Soothsayer

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The ribald pirates at The Hater Nation shot over this link from Barry Bonds' latest journal entry to the fans, giving his predictions for the World Cup Final:

Many of you are e-mailing me to ask if I've been following the World Cup, and actually, I am watching most of the matches. I wake up in the morning, go to the gym and then get back home in time to eat breakfast and see the games. So far the teams I've picked have done well, but I started off the World Cup picking Brazil to win the whole thing. Now I will root for Portugal because my kids are part Portuguese, but I predict Italy vs. France in the finals and Italy to win it all.


If anything, this proves that the enlarged frontal lobe Bonds has experienced from the HGH has paid off in some ways. Dude's a psychic.

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