With the NHL in the middle of another lockout, ESPN analyst/hockey man/mullet person Barry Melrose has been occasionally chronicling his thoughts on Twitter the past several weeks. In that time, we've seen hockey's only voice on the Worldwide Leader slowly lose his hopes for an NHL season.

In the first few days of the lockout, Barry came out firing with frustration over the constant bickering between both sides:

After a month without commenting, Barry came back with some actual optimism after the owners submitted a proposal to the NHLPA. Things were looking up!


That hope was short-lived, though, and Barry's tweets soon took a sad turn.


Jesus. Do you see what you're doing to poor Barry Melrose, NHL? You're reducing him to recollecting his fond memories of hockey, like a washed-up high school football star who still wears his letterman jacket when he goes to the hardware store. Barry, you deserve better. Stay strong, and remember: there's always some hockey you can watch. We suggest the re-broadcast of Game 3 of the 2006 Western Conference finals between the Ducks and Oilers, which airs tonight at 1 a.m. on the NHL Network.