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Barstool Sports Asked Potential Employee To Sign Away Her Right To Be Offended

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This afternoon, former Fox Sports college football host Elika Sadeghi told a story about how she recently walked away from a job offer from a sports media company because it asked her to sign an agreement acknowledging that she would willingly work in an environment where she might be exposed to “nudity, sexual scenarios, racial epithets, suggestive gestures, profanity and references to stereotypes.”

Though Sadeghi redacted the name of the company in her tweet, Ryan Glasspiegel of The Big Lead later confirmed that the document in question was created by Barstool Sports. Shortly before Glasspiegel’s tweet, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy published a video confirming that the site did try to hire Sadeghi, and that it recently started asking employees to sign contracts containing that particular clause:


Some choice quotes, from a person ostensibly in charge of numerous employees:

  • “She redacted our name, but everyone knows, because she kind of has a big mouth, that we offered her the contract. And she wanted everybody to know that, like, she turned us down. Thank friggin’ God, because it would have been a nightmare working with this girl.”
  • “This girl’s the biggest fraud. She’s trying to make herself part of this story. She said to us that she never had the feeling that we treated anyone with disrespect.”
  • “Ask the girls we have in the office, we have a ton of them. We don’t do that.”
  • “Well, fuck you for making us part of this story. We have nothing to do with this. We’re not Harvey Weinstein.”
  • “People always throw arrows and throw stones at us no matter what, we haven’t done shit. Leave us out of it. What is it, Frankie? ‘Keep my name off your lips?’ Hey Elika: keep your name off our lips.”

We asked Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini for clarification on when this particular clause was added to employee contracts, and whether all employees have to sign one.

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