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Barstool Sports' Twitch Channel Shut Down After Employee Threatens To Swat Someone

Screenshot: Twitter

Barstool Sports, a website enjoyed by young men who get really angry when their friends don’t want to go out drinking with them for a third night in a row, no longer has an official Twitch channel. This is because one of their employees threatened to swat another Twitch streamer.

The threat was made on Sunday night, by a Barstool employee named Devlin D’Zmura who was operating the site’s Twitch channel. Another Twitch streamer who goes by LikeButta was streaming Barstool’s pay-per-view boxing event on his channel, and D’Zmura tried to get him to stop by threatening to swat him:


For the uninitiated, swatting is a harassment tactic routinely deployed by the very worst people on the internet. The way it works is someone calls 911 and claims to be in a hostage situation or some other emergency, and then gives the dispatcher the address of whoever they are trying to harass. The goal is to get the SWAT team to show up at the victim’s house and scare the shit out of them. Swatting incidents have resulted in all sorts of horrible outcomes, including the death of one man who was shot by police when he answered his door.

A Twitch spokesperson wouldn’t say exactly how long Barstool’s channel will be suspended, citing the “privacy of our users.” But the Twitch community guidelines specifically mention attempts or threats to swat someone as a violation that will lead to an indefinite suspension.

Last night, D’Zmura tweeted an apology at LikeButta:


So that’s the latest on these fucking morons.


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