Sal Paolantonio interviewed Bart Scott back in January, after the Jets defeated the Patriots, 28-21 in the AFC semifinals. As the ESPN YouTube video would have us believe, Scott "literally [flew] over" to Paolantonio, talked about nosebleeds and believing for a bit, and ended his shining moment with an exuberant "CAN'T WAIT!" Just five days later, Scott registered a trademark for men's, women's, and children's apparel with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. He "revealed" the trademark in an interview this morning, the day after possibly violating his NFL contract by stepping into the ring in TNA iMPACT!. What a week for Bartholomew. The Jets haven't yet commented on the wrestling debut, but if there is a lockout next year, Scott will look for back-up earnings from all of those awesome "CAN'T WAIT!" T-shirts that nobody will be buying. That is, of course, until hipsters pick them up in bargain bins at the Salvation Army 15 years from now.