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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bartolo Colon Hits Double, Scores From Second, Manages Not To Die

This is not a prank. We have obtained footage of Bartolo Colon running. I repeat, this is real. Bartolo Colon ran in an actual baseball game.

The glorious moment happened in the sixth inning of today's game between the Mets and Cardinals. Colon got his bat on a Lance Lynn fastball, yanking it down the line for a stand-up(!) double. But Colon's journey didn't end there. The next batter up, Eric Young Jr., laced a double into right field, and Colon had to get back on his horse and get around to score from second base.

There's no denying how plainly exhausted Colon was after this sequence of events, as it took him roughly 19 minutes to walk from home plate back to the dugout. At least Bobby Abreu was there to cool him off with a towel fan.

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