Bartolo Colon's Child-Support Case Came Out Because He Was Foolish Enough To Represent Himself

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The New York Post reported today that married Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon is being sued by a Washington Heights woman who says she had two children with him and wants him to pay child support.

How did the Post verify this? The case is listed as Anonymous vs. Anonymous, after a judge granted the litigants a privacy shield, but Colon’s name appears on some records because Colon briefly represented himself and that meant his name was listed as a lawyer. Never represent yourself.


Colon is married to Rosanna Colon, and together they have four sons. The Post reports that Colon also had two children with another woman, Alexandra Santos, 38. Those kids are now ages 7 and 8, and their mother filed her lawsuit a year ago. Colon appeared in a Manhattan court Monday as part of the case.

Court papers with details of the dispute are sealed, but records show Santos is asking a judge to force Colon to pay her legal bills and that both parties signed a confidentiality agreement in April.


Reached by the Post, Rosanna Colon confirmed the lawsuit but said she didn’t want to talk about it. A man at Colon’s home told the New York Daily News today that Colon “never missed (a payment).”