Baseball America’s Top 50 names in college baseball is missing some Sharts and a Hug

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Kobe Butts, right, is on the same team as someone named Kobe Head.
Kobe Butts, right, is on the same team as someone named Kobe Head.
Image: AP

Baseball America has ranked this year’s top 50 names in college baseball, and it’s a good list.

There’s room for argument, of course. Vinny Bologna should be much higher than No. 23. Abilene Christian pitcher Jack Junker should have been on the list. So should Ball State infielder Trenton Quartermarine, Radford pitcher Storm Mace, and Louisiana Tech outfielder Steele Netterville. It’s fair to leave out Nevada pitcher Owen Sharts and Wofford pitcher Devon Sharts, because goodness knows they’ve been through enough with that surname already, but what about Evansville utilityman Chase Hug?


There are lots more fun names in college baseball, but they’re ultimately just people’s names. If you were so inclined, you could put together a roster of just people who have famous names, like this:


Calvin Harris, Ole Miss

John Ritter, Youngstown State

Jack Ryan, UMBC


John Bolton, Austin Peay

John Glenn, California Baptist

Matt Kemp, UNC Greensboro

Max Power, Holy Cross

Alex Rodriguez, USC

Will Smith, Tennessee-Martin

Zachary Taylor, Binghamton


Antonio Brown, Mercer

Mike Jarvis, San Diego State

Ian Kennedy, Michigan

Chris Klein, West Virginia

Dave Matthews, Central Connecticut State

Isaiah Thomas, Vanderbilt


Lance Johnson, Troy

Alex Jones, Niagara

Mario Lopez, Jackson State

Joe Morgan, Tennessee Tech

Zack Morris, Arkansas

Greg Norman, Austin Peay

Ryan Reynolds, Cal State-Bakersfield

Eric Roberts, Evansville

Alex Rodriguez, Valparaiso

Will Smith, Coastal Carolina

Alex Verdugo, UNLV

Jack White, Michigan

Ricky Williams, Clemson


Chris Hayes, Jacksonville

Matt Harvey (asst.), UC San Diego

Matt Carpenter (student asst.), Ohio State

Also, please keep in mind that this is limited to Division I, so apologies to South Carolina-Salkehatchie outfielder Reggie Jackson and College of New Jersey outfielder Michael Schumacher.


But that’s fun, right, even though it’s just people’s names? Those are the names they were given. Where the magic happens, where we really get to the next level, is bringing those names together, when people get paired up and you know it’s just meant to be.

These are Division I’s best batteries of 2021. We’re including the first names, but to make them work, you just say the last names. In each case, the pitcher is listed first, which is too bad, because if we allowed ourselves to list catchers first, North Alabama’s Gerardo Miranda and Jacob Laws surely would be part of this. Alas, it wouldn’t be right, so we’ll remain silent. (Ed. Note: I see what he did there — Rich O.)

In some cases, it will make sense to say “and” between the names. In others, it won’t. You’ll know when it’s right. Here we go.

30. Luke Vaks & John Keane, Old Dominion

29. Reece Early & Brian Furey, Navy

28. Brandon Deans & Cam Post, Oakland

27. Jacob Speaker & Mason Speaker, Texas Christian

26. Houston Harding & Luke Hancock, Mississippi State

25. Corey Bright & Connor Lee, Western Carolina

24. Bryson Wrobel & Chris Noble, Louisiana-Monroe

23. Tanner Quick & Tomas Frick, North Carolina

22. Aaron Brooks & Jimmy Crooks, Oklahoma

21. Tommy Sommer & Joe Reid, Indiana

20. Al Wood & Ian Groves, Tarleton

19. Jaden Woods & Mason Meadows, Georgia

18. Tyler Cleveland & Beau Orlando, Central Arkansas

17. Coby Moe & Charlie Bourbon, Northwestern

16. Cal Carver & Marshall Skinner, Northwestern State

15. Brandon Weed & Blake Dickman, UC San Diego

14. Owen Wild & Russell Young, Gonzaga

13. Bryce Short & Luke Longo, New Jersey Tech

12. Jack Simpson & Connor Burns, Long Beach State

11. Steven Beard & Trent Touchet, Sam Houston State

10. Ben Good & Gary Betts, Liberty

9. Nathan Ball & Dylan Swarmer, Youngstown State

8. Garrett Lake & Brooks Sailors, Purdue-Fort Wayne

7. Owen Parliament & Lawson Hill, Wofford

6. Frank Dickson & Jason Bush, New Mexico State

5. Joseph King & Cole Elvis, California

4. Trace Blue & Tyler Byrd, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

3. Riley Self & Logan Tanner, Mississippi State

2. Steven Hospital & Matt Ward, Niagara

1. Kobe Head & Kobe Butts, Alcorn State

What a universe we live in where Kobe Head and Kobe Butts not only are college teammates, but can make an all-Kobe, Head-Butts battery.