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Baseball Player Doesn't Watch Baseball: "It's Too Long And Boring"

Among the things I learned about Anthony Rendon from this Washington Post article, it's that the young Nationals infielder doesn't seem to like baseball all that much.

Rendon, who easily could have made the all-star game but didn't, says he was grateful for the time off. He says he doesn't talk about baseball with his family, never watched the sport growing up, and rarely watches it now.

"I don't watch baseball — it's too long and boring," Rendon said.

Perhaps Rendon's joking here. But if not, he's not the only one to be bored stiff by the game. Nor would he be the first person to not-so-secretly hate his own job. How many of you know someone—heck, how many of you are someone—who doesn't like what they do but like the paycheck or just aren't particularly good at anything else? If Rendon keeps playing like he's playing, he's allowed to take naps between innings if he wants.


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