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Baseball Players Wiping Each Other Down

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After half-heartedly flipping back and forth between the Home Run Derby and doing some lingering DVR maintenance — new, kind of depressing "Chappelle's Show," the "Law & Order" where they see the guy executed and then everyone all loses their minds — we can say one thing about the big made for TV dinger-fest: Baseball players are not used to drying themselves off. Every time we looked, one major leaguer was wiping down another major leaguer.

In this picture, it's Robinson Cano cooling off eventual derby champ Ryan Howard, but it really was anyone within a towel's length. Don't believe us? Here's David Ortiz taking care of David Wright, some guy cooling off Ortiz and Cano doubling up on Howard. In lieu of all this apparent heat, it's kind of amazing Charlie Weis survived the evening.


As for the contest itself ... eh. As always, it was a droning series of home runs and Berman Bluster and athletes just hanging out, yo, only this time with the added bonus of Joe Morgan and John Kruk pretending, about 100 times, to be amazed that baseballs were coming toward the "Baseball Tonight" booth in center field. It's baseball excess, and we were reminded once again that, typically, our favorite day of the All-Star Break is Wednesday, the day they don't do anything at all.

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