The New York Times this morning confirmed something we all pretty much suspected: Baseball's steroid "tests" are so easy to usurp and foil that you'd have to be an idiot to fail one. (Or Mike Cameron.)

The testers are terrible about not revealing they're on their way, including ... requests of parking passes!

The night before testers arrive at major league stadiums to take urine samples from players, officials for the home team receive a call from the testing company requesting stadium and parking passes for the drug testers. This procedure is not outlined in the league's 48-page testing policy, which baseball promotes as one of the toughest in sports. Teams are not told which players will be tested โ€” or how many โ€” but the number is said to be roughly five per visit.

Now there's a testing program with teeth! At this point, we're not sure a test would catch someone physically doing steroids while being tested.

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