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Based On Nothing, The Knicks Getting Dwight Howard Seems Inevitable

Photo credit: AP/John Bazemore

Dwight Howard is suddenly unhappy with his situation in Atlanta, and the Hawks probably wouldn’t be averse to trading him if the right deal came along. But does anyone really want Dwight?


The Knicks will trade for Dwight Howard. I say this without having any inside knowledge or any ideas about whether Howard would be a potential fit in Phil Jackson’s crappy system. I’m not even sure what combination of players and picks the Knicks could offer in order for such a trade to work out financially, and I refuse to fire up the trade machine in order to find out.

All I know is that the Knicks are called toward the darkness, and it is a call they cannot resist. Dwight Howard becoming a Knick is the one offseason event that could do the most psychic damage to basketball fans in this city, and so it will happen.

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