Basketball Player's Eye Pops Out Of Socket In Really Gross Injury [Graphic]

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New Zealand Breakers big man Akil Mitchell suffered a horrific and gruesome injury in a game earlier this morning, when his eyeball “puffed out of its socket” after being caught by an opponent going for a rebound.

As an obvious warning, the picture and video below are extremely messed up.


Amazingly, Smith seems to be doing about as well as one could hope in this situation. Breakers GM Dillon Boucher said the injury isn’t as serious as initially thought:

“Akil’s immediate recovery has been such that he is being released to return home, but will undergo further medical tests tomorrow.

“This is obviously the best possible news after what was a frightening situation.”


Mitchell, who played four years at the University of Virginia and has kicked around various teams during the NBA’s Summer League before joining New Zealand’s National Basketball League, seems pretty chill about the whole eye popping out of the socket thing:

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