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Batshit Crazy—But Totally Believable—Conspiracy Theory Points To Cavaliers Championship

Everybody knows that the NBA is rigged. From the frozen envelope that gave Patrick Ewing to the Knicks to Tim Donaghy rigging games, outcomes in the NBA are obviously pre-ordained by a shady cabal of influencers. And the next thing to be fixed, of course, is the NBA Finals. But this time, thanks to the work of a number of intrepid sleuths, we have reams of cold, hard proof.

Much of the Pulitzer-worthy investigation has been carried about by the blog Free To Find Truth, which is dedicated to “exposing those who govern from the shadows, the invisible empire.” And as the blog makes absolutely clear, NBA commissioner Adam Silver is one of those who governs from the shadows:


The following YouTube video from gives more details about those who are governing from the shadows:

Everything is an illusion coming from the Zionist-owned, Jewish-controlled media. There is no doubt about that. 100 percent. Anyone who says otherwise is COINTELPRO or completely inundated with their socialized indoctrinated system and psychology.

But we already knew all that. Back to Free To Find Truth for the specific evidence:

Notice the Cavs and Warriors have played 107 times in the regular season, if you count the playoff games, which were the six they played in last year’s NBA Finals, they have played 113-games against each other. We just saw Cleveland enter the NBA Finals winning with 113-points.

Mainstream = 113

Dishonest = 113

Kobe Bryant = 113 (The Joe Jellybean Prophecy)

Michael Jordan = 113

If this series goes to Cleveland 4-2 as I anticipate, they will have played 119-games against each other.

All Seeing Eye = 119

Star of David = 119

Notice Cleveland enters the NBA Finals with 51 regular season wins. When the NBA season began in 2015, Cleveland had not won a pro sports championship since ‘64, 51-years ago.

Cleveland = 51

LeBron James = 51

Damn. DAMN! Also tied in is the May 2015 Philadelphia train wreck that killed eight people:

The last time the teams played, January 18, the Warriors won 132-98. Last year, the train wreck was on May 12, the 132nd day of the year. If you go back and revisit my work on that wreck, ‘98' was the number coded into the wreck heavily, and the Cavs and Warriors met in the finals going to overtime 98-98, after last playing 98-days earlier, February 26, 2015. Prophet = 98

And of course ESPN—led by Freemason Jalen Rose—is intimately involved:

This conspiracy is so far-reaching that some people have known about it for ALMOST TWO YEARS!


Gary the numbers guy—a pseudonym, of course—went on Cleveland’s CBS-affiliate WOIO this afternoon and gave a beginner-friendly explanation:

But a much more thorough one comes from Bobby Broussard—hmm, any relation to ESPN’s Chris Broussard?—showcasing how exactly we know that the Cavaliers (this video is also worth watching) will win in exactly six games, culminating in a finals victory on 6-16-16. It’s a long video, but it absolutely pays off:

I provided the NBA with some of this proof and asked for comment, but of course they didn’t respond to my email because they already know what they’re hiding.


If you have any more information, please e-mail me at, and you can find my public PGP key here.

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