Batting Practice Has Been A Menace During This Orioles-Astros Series

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Before Wednesday's game against the Astros, Manny Machado was hit by a batted ball during batting practice. He was fielding grounders at third base when Adam Jones hit a ball that struck Machado's elbow. He was helped off the field as a precaution, though later played in the game, going 0-3 with a walk. He was just the beginning.

During Thursday's BP, Astros reliever Travis Blackley (captured above) was hit in the head with a ball in center field. He suffered a contusion over his left eye and was questionable for the game. He did not pitch. If you were the sort who believed in Devon Sawa films, you'd suspect some messages were being sent from beyond.

But you're not the sort that believes in Devon Sawa films—that would be weird. You're the sort who believes baseball is a wonky sport and that this is just another one of those weird you-can't-predict-baseball things, only it's happening during batting practice. And it's sort of violent. And maybe spreading to game action and fans who travelled from Texas. No big deal.