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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ref walked away from this fall with a broken nose.

Tonight we find out how this week's Dallas locker room drama will play out on the field. I'm rooting for an epic implosion.


You can be sure that everyone will be counting touches to see who gets the ball more, TO or Romo's new BFF Witten. You can also bank on Jerry spending quite a bit of time up Wade's ass on the sideline tonight. Romo promised not to comment on the drama until after tonight's game. I'm looking forward to Tony in sunglasses tearfully exclaiming "That's my wide receiver".

Enjoy the game and thanks for hanging out with me this weekend. And since I won't see you again before the holidays, enjoy yourselves and stay safe. May your drinks be strong and your gifts not be crappy.

Photo via The Sports Hernia.

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