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Baylor Bears

1. Dave Bliss was a real dick. Much has been made of the job Scott Drew has done to clean up the mess that was left him, but you really can't quite overstate it. To remind you, former Baylor coach Dave Bliss made illegal payments to his players, and, when he was busted, after the death of Patrick Dennehy, he told his players to lie about money given to Dennehy and tell investigators that he was a drug dealer. Needless to say, Bliss is not coaching anymore, and the Bears spent years in NCAA probation hell until Drew, Mr. Fix-It, came in to reconstruct the whole program.

2. No Valpo. Contrary to popular believe, coach Drew did not get his undergraduate degree from Valparaiso; he went to Butler. His father Homer was the coach and his brother Bryce the hero during that famous NCAA tournament game, but Scott, being less of the athlete, stuck to coaching; he went to Valpo as a grad assistant, and then took over the team for one year when Homer retired. After Scott decided to take the Baylor job, Homer came out of retirement to coach Valpo again, and Bryce, Mr. Athlete Big Shot, is now an assistant to his dad, again.


3. Tweet Tweet. Reserve freshman guard Tweety Carter received his unusual nickname because of his incessant crying as a child. One did not know crying could sound like the words "puddy tat." Oh, and freshman LaceDarius Dunn, even though he doesn't start, might play in the NBA someday. — Will Leitch

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