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What they're saying out in the ether about LSU's 38-24 win over Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game ...

We Are The Sort Of Champions. Consider: A few hours before LSU beat Ohio State 38-24, the guys who run the BCS talked openly about turning the system into a de facto four-team playoff. In any other sport, that would be considered gauche—after all, it's essentially an admission that this year's champion isn't deserving. In college football, though, tradition holds that championships are won on the field so they can be denigrated off it. LSU is your national champion. It's all over but the shouting. [Slate]


wOOt! This is a big win for the program, which will benefit from the exposure and the love from the media. I bet the town of Gonzales, hometown of me and Glenn Dorsey, and the home of the annual Jambalaya Festival and Confidence Man Convention, will regret no longer getting mentioned on national television every week. We really are living in the golden age of LSU football. [Geaux Tuscaloosa]

LS-Who Cares? Crow all you want LSU fans, very few people outside of Louisiana think you won an actual national title. Sure you got your crystal ball by beating a vastly overrated Ohio State team (they lost to Illinois at home for Christ's sake) 38-24 in the Superdome last night, and hey, maybe you guys would have won a legit title if you had faced one of the other best teams in the country. But you didn't. [Rumors And Rants]

Here's An Idea. Ohio State should clam up about being disrespected. Looks like that DVD Jim Tressel made for his players that featured snippets of media members ripping OSU this year didn't work. That's two years in a row the Buckeyes have been smoked in this game. In the future, just focus on yourself and what you have to do to improve. Don't worry about what others think. It's a waste of time. [The Sporting Blog]

Our Predictions. (Published Monday) When I watched LSU play earlier in the year I thought to myself, "we are two touchdowns better than that team." I am not going to stray away from what I thought then. There is no better game strategist in college football than Jim Tressel. Prediction: Buckeyes, 31-14. [Buckeye Commentary]


LSU Tigers: 2007 National Champs!!!!! Clearly, the SEC Speed thing was overblown. Best I can tell, no one saw it coming (with the exception of SMQ and possibly Pete Fiutak at CFN): the SEC isn't a bunch of Nancy Boys who can only outrun other teams to victory; LSU, at least, can win - and has won - by simply being more physical. We pointed it here three days ago. So congratulations, Les Miles. You're 34-6 in three years, with an SEC Title and a National Title — whether or not it required some divine intervention — and three rather dominating bowl performances in a row. We're glad you stayed. [And The Valley Shook]

Retraction. I made a post earlier calling out Les Miles and LSU for acting classless during the game. Looking back, those comments were uncalled for and irresponsible on my part, and I apologize for that. As a result, I have deleted that post. I apologize to those two who made comments in there, but I felt it was necessary that the post be removed to help maintain this blog's credibility. [Around The Oval]


Ohio State Loses, Tedd Ginn Jr. Emerges Unscathed. The next tactic to jump from the college game to the NFL is going to be Les Miles' lead blockers on quarterback sneaks. On QB sneaks LSU lines up a player in tight with the line on each side of the quarterback. When the ball is snapped they lurch forward and effectively function as lead blockers. It's ingenious, it almost never fails, and it's going to be used by every team in football very soon. [Shakedown Sports]

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