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What they're saying in Blogville about Florida's 41-14 win over Ohio State in Monday's BCS Championship Game ...


Every Day Should Be Saturday. Overwhelmed with emotion — simply overwhelmed. 41 out of 50 AP sportswriters can go choke themselves with a Twizzler right now. Florida kicked ass until their toes fell off. It was like watching a small animal get crushed between two glaciers. It was like watching Roy Jones in his prime boxing an Olsen twin. It was like watching Clarence Darrow squaring off against Starr Jones in the courtroom. It was defeat, served rare, with a side of raw loss. And for us: scoreboard, bitches. Scoreboard. We. Win.

Conquest Chronicles. Well, we learned one thing above all tonight, CheatyPants McSweatervest plainly runs a clean program after all — because no dirty program gets beaten like that. Like what? Like red-headed step-children, like Notre Dame in any bowl of recent memory, beaten almost as bad as Oklahoma in 2004.


Swamp Ball. For the second time in school history, the Gators football team wins the National Championship. So, I'm going to try and make it out to University Avenue somehow. I feel like I'll regret it the rest of my life if I don't. Wish me luck, and I'll have more up on this amazing game in the morning.

Men of the Scarlet And Gray. Offensively, we have to admit this hard fact: Tressel got outcoached. When the time came for offensive adjustments, he refused, even panicked; after the most dangerous weapon on his team was sidelined. Once Ginn went out, Meyer doubled Gonzo and ordered a zone blitz on every play, and the OSU coaches did not adjust with a single quick toss, reverse, draw, screen play, or anything else that is designed to work against the defenses that Urban was using. Tressel, et. al. stuck with the seven-step zone read, until it was too late to try anything else, and Smith paid the price. And can someone please take Alex Boone out to the Gitmo barracks and give him a code red?

Death Cab For Woody. I'll be back after I visit the emergency room to get this fork removed from my temple...this could take weeks or it might just take until the next CBJ victory.... severe misery. Congrats to the UF Gators...Cant argue the ass-whooping....

The Wizard of Odds. Early indications are that the celebration in Gainesville never got out of hand. But maybe they are getting used to this. In Columbus, fans were saying that Jim Tressel has lost his Midas touch. The conservative coach's decision to go for it on fourth-and-one from the Buckeye 29 late in the first half was rather — shall we say — curious. Some Ohio State fans said as much. Fans continue to pile on at the Columbus Dispatch's Buckeye message board.


Georgia Sports Blog. Shouldn't Troy Smith be required to return this Heisman? If Vanessa Williams had to return her Miss America crown for posing nude, shouldn't Smith have to give his trophy back for getting on his knees and blowing the game?

Predictions:. The Buckeye Ex-Pat, Ohio State 34, Florida 18 ... Burnt Orange Nation, Ohio State 31, Florida 23 ... Sunday Morning Quarterback, Ohio State 30, Florida 21 ... We Are The Boys, Florida 23, Ohio State 17 ... Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, "There's something really ugly and unfootball-y about Meyer's version of the spread — it looks a little too delicate and dainty for my tastes — but that's an aesthetic criticism. It's hard to defend, as the Buckeyes will learn soon enough."

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