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Be A Part Of Our World Cup Coverage

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We know there has been some discussion around these parts about coverage of the World Cup. We find this bewildering. We are hardly huge year-round soccer fans — we're not sure we could name more than three players in the MLS — and have much to learn about the sport, its supporters, its stars and, sometimes, even its rules. We freely admit this.

But still ... come on. It's the World Cup. We do not understand how such an event can possibly be overcovered. It's the World Cup. It's Togo, people .... Togo! Do you realize the president of Iran is watching the World Cup? If maniacal anti-Semite, nuclear-obsessed zealots can't get you excited about the World Cup, dammit, WHO CAN?


Anyway, we bring you all this self-justification not just to vent, but also to solicit your help. If you're going to the World Cup, at any point, to any match, any of it, let us know at We'd love to feature some of your observations, experience and (ideally) video clips right here. We've got some people lined up already, but you can never have enough.

Also, if you haven't noticed, most of the matches will be taking place during the day, while everyone's stuck at work. So, if you have some soccer writing/blogging experience, we'd love to talk to you about live-blogging some games for us. We're gonna try to hit all the weekday games, so we could use the help. Let us know ...

And don't worry: We're not JUST covering soccer around here. If you don't like it, we'll have plenty of Debbie Clemens coverage, along with the typical nonsense, around here. None shall be forsaken!

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