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Be Gentle. It's Their First Time

So that happened. I half expected to log in this morning to see "The Cardz Rulez No. 1!" drunkenly scrawled all over the front page of this site.

Yes, I know it's not their first win ever, but the Arizona Cardinals hosted their last playoff game two franchise moves ago, so their glorious win over the Atlanta Falcons probably feels like the first time. I'm guessing it felt that way for Darnell Dockett, at least.


On the other side, why did the Colts even bother winning all those games? They knew their nine-game winning streak would not get them a home playoff game and they ended up facing the Chargers anyway, so of course they lost and wasted all that quality XBox time. (Darren Sproles has been upgraded to "a force of nature.") I did not see this game, naturally, because other things tend to happen on Saturday night besides watching TV. Seriously, what is the deal with pushing every important sporting event to the latest, most inconvenient time possible? I missed at least half of the college football games of the week, because my friends got it in their crazy heads that folks should "go out" and "have fun" on Saturday nights. Would it really cost the NFL money and viewers to show playoff games during the day? People tune in at 1:00 and 4:00 every Sunday, 17 weeks a year, just as they have for the last 79 seasons. I think we've established that this pattern suits everyone just fine.

Anyway, this will be another laid back morning, while I figure out what the heck happened the last three days. Then it's football, football, football. (Actually, scratch that last "football.") In the meantime, I might try to dump of those unwieldy/worthless ideas that I never have time for during the week. Or not. I may never be this unsupervised again, so who knows what I'm capable of.

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