Be Like This Bear

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We all got shit going on, you know? Too much shit, if you ask me. I was on vacation last week, and I’ve spent most of this week sighing and thinking, “Whaaaaat is it with all this shit I got going on???”

Please look at this bear, who was spotted at the Berlin zoo by a Reddit user:

I bet this bear has shit going on all the time, but that didn’t stop it from taking a few moments out of the day to chill on a big-ass rock and just consider some things. As someone who just devoured a turkey sandwich like a rabid dog without even removing the laptop from my legs, I admire this bear.


Is it nice out where you are now? Go find a place to sit outside and do your best Chill Bear impression. If it’s a rainy day, just hit play on that new James Blake album and stare out the window for a little bit. I’ll see you on the other side, where we’ll all feel better.